Tanda Pagar menyediakan space untuk Anda yang ingin meningkatkan engagement usaha yang sedang Anda kembangkan.


+1,5M Traffic Bulanan

Kami punya traffic yang sangat banyak setiap bulannya

Dibaca Anak Muda

80% pengunjung kami dari usia 18-30 tahun

Mobile Friendly

70% traffic datang melalui mobile.

Socially Engage

70% traffic datang dari social media.



Sponsored channel is a series of sponsored content that designed not only to generate views or clicks, but also build a strong relationship and trust between brand and theirconsumer.

We create a channel for brand, craft some series of creative contents regularly according to brand’s campaign/aspirations and or the consumer’s interest, and publish it through that channel.

The content could be ranged from inspirational to humor topic, from listicle to quiz format; all content are crafted to make brand’s consumer feel enjoy; resulting affinity for the brand and build deeper connection with the consumer.

This methods proven to get 20 times higher CTR than standard display ad, but the most important thing is: it’s not only generating impressions, clicks, or views, but it creates a stronger relationship and higher level of trust from the consumer.


It is not an ordinary banner ad. This is JUST ABOUT YOU, no other ad but you in every single page of Tandapagar, make it more effective in getting brand awareness!


Tanda Pagar Digital Marketing Team have specialization in promoting branded content across social media like Facebook and Twitter; help you to promoting your brand’s content to reach more targeted audience and engage with them.


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